Benja is a multi-channel merchandise ad platform. The Benja network serves deals from top-tier brands through unique user-experiences on mobile, web, and social. These user-experiences drive conversion and sell-through rates that exceed industry standards and have, over a two-year average, turned an $8 brand investment into $240 in sales revenue.

Andrew Chapin co-founded the company with Tommy Goode in 2014 and serves as CEO, overseeing financial operations, product, and publisher services. Chapin has seven years of experience in technology business development and advertising, including time at Microsoft, Feathr, and Color Labs. He holds degrees from Lyndon and Harvard, and regularly contributes to Observer.

Tommy Goode oversees all technical components of the Benja network, including the release and management of the Benjamin mobile app and maintenance of the Benji online ad display network. Tommy, a University of Florida graduate, has experience that includes time at General Electric energy, at Feathr, and with various other early-stage startups and projects.

Morgan Reilly leads consumer marketing and vendor services, managing partnerships with brands like Patagonia, Sling, and Uber. Reilly has a diverse range of experiences that include time working with an automotive ad agency, with Nordstrom, and at Universal Republic Records.


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