29th Century

For e-commerce businesses who can’t find or afford their own data analytics team, 29th Century provides an AI-powered virtual data analyst to help them make better decisions. Alex Man is the co-founder and CEO of 29th Century. Alex’s mission in life is to explain numbers to his mom. Stints as a data analyst at Starcom, Groupon, and Atlas Partners have honed …



Benja is a multi-channel merchandise ad platform. The Benja network serves deals from top-tier brands through unique user-experiences on mobile, web, and social. These user-experiences drive conversion and sell-through rates that exceed industry standards and have, over a two-year average, turned an $8 brand investment into $240 in sales revenue. Andrew Chapin co-founded the company with Tommy Goode in 2014 …



Cartogram provides indoor location services to businesses. Built natively into the Google Maps platform, Cartogram’s software services work together to create an end-to-end in-venue experience to drive revenue, enhance customer experience, and lower overhead for businesses. Will Clausen, Cartogram’s CEO and founder, leads the company with a unique blend of sales and engineering skills. Will was most recently at Microsoft …



CheckOut is uniting online sales and conversion strategies with brick and mortar retail for a complete and immersive customer experience in physical stores. By creating smart connections between online sales activity and in-store preferences, CheckOut presents that data to customers using tablets, screens, and interactive mirrors.



Ella is positioned to fill the void in the women’s skincare market, as a female-focused lifestyle brand. Ella provides an elevated product and brand experience, sourcing high- quality ingredients tailored to the needs and identity of women. Jason Bravman is a co-founder of Ella, leading operations and finance. Most recently, he was a Vice President at Deutsche Bank. Jason graduated …



Both women and men get inspiration on what to wear from photos they see on the web and social media, but searching for fashion items in a photo has been challenging. Lacelook is solving this problem by building a powerful AI- backed visual search technology for visual-oriented products such as fashion goods – clothing, handbags, shoes, etc. – and helping consumers …



Snappy is an app that makes it extremely easy to send a thoughtful and personalized gift but with all the advantages of a gift card – offering choice for recipients and simplicity for senders. Hani Goldstein is the Co-Founder & CEO at Snappy, Hani holds 3 degrees which she studied simultaneously – Business Administration with a major in Finance, Law …



Ziel is a platform that enables any lifestyle company to expand the reach of their brands into activewear. Ziel provides a turnkey solution to bring high-quality, eco-friendly performance apparel to market. The service platform includes custom design with on-demand production; U.S.-based production for quick response; and, seamless e-commerce and POS integration. Marleen Vogelaar is the founder and CEO of Ziel …