Using a combination of machine learning and AI, and human experience, Affinity is bringing the next generation of personalization to brands and retailers online, with delightful experiences that are unique for each individual shopper.

Cherry Pick

Cherry is a marketing automation platform that turns consumer purchase intent on social media into sales. Currently, the top beauty brands average 1500 comments per day, but only respond to fewer than 1% of them. Cherry Pick’s data enables them to capitalize on those leads in real-time.

Convey Clothing

Convey is a certified “apparel leasing” platform that allows consumers to return and resell their lightly used clothing in exchange for brand credit. For the first time, both brands and consumers benefit.


Facenote is a technology platform that enables companies to identify or validate their customers in store, online or in apps using facial recognition.

Feather & Bone

Feather & Bone is a holistic wellness company that sells unique beauty care solutions both through product and education. Their first product, Face Gems, is a 3 ingredient single use, portable tablet facial cleanser made from starch, fuller’s earth, and sandalwood, that reinvigorates and revives the face with every use.


FFORA is a lifestyle brand committed to serving the disability community which is approximately 1 in 5 people living in the United States. FFORA is fulfilling the need among this demographic for easily accessible products that are both aesthetically- pleasing and functional.

Kid Things

Kid Things is a personalized commerce platform, where parents can text what they need for their children, and professional shoppers send options over SMS or email. Parents can pay on the Kid Things platform, and the products are delivered to their door. By providing much-needed personalization to parents’ shopping experiences, Kid Things provides an essential service, receiving rave reviews from …


Nimbly is an on-demand, 3D knitting platform that manages the personalization, ordering, development, and manufacturing of a $200B knitwear market, leveraging existing 3D knitwear hardware.

Trade Monday

Trade Monday is a SaaS, machine learning market intelligence platform for retailers to discover the greatest hidden sales margins from global online marketplaces.


WonderMile is an online platform that makes browsing and buying from retail stores nearby as effortless as shopping online. Message a network of sales associates, browse real- time inventory, get alerts on special offers and events, and discover new products arriving at stores in your vicinity.