Live from #NRF17: Pano Anthos, XRC Labs

In a feature about this year’s Innovation Lab through the NASDAQ broadcast at the NRF podcast studio, Pano gives his unique perspectives and advice on themes such as disruption, collaboration, and economic outlook. #BehindtheBell

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Podcast #2: Pano Anthos

If it exists, you can probably buy it online. The world of Internet shopping has only grown larger over the years, and it’s expected to keep on moving up. What chance do brick and mortar retail stores have in a world fueled by e-commerce? XRC Labs’ Managing Partner, Pano Anthos (@ptanthos), tells us what he thinks.  

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Podcast #1: Pano Anthos

What kind of technology might be in store for the retail world? Augmented reality, perhaps? And how is Starbucks able to take something fundamental like coffee and turn it into a personalized $6 experience? Pano Anthos (@ptanthos), Founder and Managing Director of XRC Labs (@xrclabs), explains how great products and customer connections can lead to high success.  

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Podcast: Scott Lux

XRC Labs presents a conversation on emerging omnichannel path to purchase with Scott Lux, VP of Digital & Ecommerce at John Varvatos. Going to the market requires a complete picture of the customer and executing an omnichannel strategy. Omnichannel means more than just a spreadsheet or a mobile app. Scott Lux will discuss how to give a consumer an engaging …

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Podcast: Steven Faerm

XRC Labs presents a conversation on the importance of narrative in design communication narrative with Steven Faerm, an associate professor of fashion design at Parsons School of Design. This podcast explores storytelling, the heart of all communication. Faerm conducts an interactive session that takes 4 startups in the labs and walks through their stories, while suggesting design strategies that cater …

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Podcast: Rob Sanchez

XRC Labs presents a conversation on capitalization tables and venture capital math with Rob Sanchez, adjunct law professor at Fordham School of Law. Rob Sanchez is the founder of the clothing line Ralph and Remington. He was selected for the 2016 NYC Fashion Fellow, named one of the top 12 people to watch in Fashion Tech by AlleyWatch, and was …

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Podcast: Alex Abelin

XRC Labs presents a conversation on building an effective team with Alex Abelin, CEO & CO-Founder of LiquidTalent. LiquidTalent is a web and mobile local talent marketplace for hiring vetted developers and designers through social connection. In this podcast, Abelin will walk you through the ups and downs of board and advisory board selections, and managing them over time. Abelin …

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Podcast: Susanna Klein & Nora Levinson

XRC Labs presents a conversation on how to sell to retail with Susanna Klein of Klein Perry, and Nora Levinson of Caeden. Klein Perry is a fashion consultancy specializing in sales, distribution, strategic planning, product training, merchandising, and business development in the luxury sector. Caeden is a startup focused on the intersection of fashion, wearable technology, and mobile applications. Klein …

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Podcast: Jeffrey Riman

XRC Labs presents a conversation with Professor Jeffrey Riman of the School of Design Strategies at Parson’s New School of Design. This podcasts explores topics around building culture and technical hiring in a company. Building a team requires looking at your company as an extension of your people. Professor Riman answers practical questions on how to attract talent, as well …

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Podcast: Jeffrey Madoff

XRC Labs presents a conversation on building a brand with Jeff Madoff of Madoff Productions. Madoff Productions collaborates with ad agencies, public relations firms and directly with clients to produce commercials, corporate branding films, live streaming events, social media and web content. In this podcast, Madoff will push you to understand how brands are built in this omnichannel world. “Make …