Bowtie is an AI messaging platform for businesses to let their customers book appointments, buy products and get answers through SMS, Webchat and Facebook. 85% of customers who call a business that doesn’t answer won’t call that business again, meaning every missed call counts. With Bowtie, our bots automatically reach out to these customers and convert inbound missed calls into …


District-1 reimagines proximity marketing by enabling game play, augmented reality and immersive experiences, empowering brands and retailers to connect directly with consumers in the most affluent and progressive neighborhoods in the world. Facebook | Twitter


Genusee manufactures affordable luxury eyewear from recycled materials in Flint, Michigan. We are disrupting the linear eyewear market by employing a circular economy through the use of both a buy-back program and subscription membership business model. We are committed to prioritizing the use of recycled post-consumer and post-industrial materials over manufacturing new raw materials. Our immediate goal is to alleviate …


I AM NOT A VIRGIN makes ‘Eco Sexy’ staples by using 100% recycled materials for men and women. I AM NOT A VIRGIN | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram  


Reefill is a network of water stations in local businesses, like coffee shops, providing a convenient, cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative to bottled water. Using the Reefill app, members locate the nearest station, activate it, and fill their bottle with cold, filtered water in seconds. | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | YouTube


YUYU is a sustainable interior brand offering luxury home essentials at honest prices without a single compromise on quality. We like to say that we are the “Perfect White Tee” for your home. Our products are made in a socially and environmentally harmless way from premium raw materials that will last you a lifetime. We believe that a gorgeous design piece isn’t worth a dime if it …