LavCup enhances the overall guest experience at sports, entertainment and other large scale venues through functional, intuitive hardware and software solutions. LavCup’s flagship product – a functional media platform conveniently placed in bathrooms and other areas – can be found in many stadiums, arenas and casinos across the U.S.


Looq makes shopping simple, allowing customers to shop all of their favorite brands in one place and gain access to exclusive offers, product launches, and style tips. The Looq app revolutionizes mobile commerce by offering more features and information than brand-specific apps, and displays only shoppable, rich, interactive content to drive sales.

Made In NYC

Made In NYC is a full service machine shop platform revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. It harnesses a network of manufacturers able to provide access to the production tools necessary for projects on every scale. Its mission is to encourage entrepreneurship, support the local manufacturing sector, and create employment for the city’s diverse workforce.


After enabling 140 pop-ups projects ranging from pop-up shops, experiences, and exhibitions, and working with clients including Ogilvy, Square, Queens Economic Development Corporation and over 300 artists, creatives, and small businesses, we are pivoting, with the same mission to support small businesses and creatives. We want to form a deeper relationship around the sources, the processes, and the stories behind …

Post From The Past

Post From The Past is a mysterious monthly subscription box service in which you receive packages from people in the past. Hear their voices and uncover their stories through an immersive physical and digital journey.


Bespokery is a platform that connects women who desire bespoke services to a network of skilled Sewists and Fashion Designers. Tracy Bromley is the CEO of Bespokery and is a 20 year veteran in the digital and mobile spaces creating products and forming strategic partnerships to propel new businesses. She was a Founder at Transpera which had an exit with …


FabFoundry is a startup community for makers. With technologies, we help people create what changes our lives. In order to accelerate penetration in the global community, FabFoundry partners with FabCafe Global, a leading maker-space cafe franchise that has nine locations world-widei including Tokyo, Taipei, Barcelona and Bangkok, to be starting the first FabCafe in the US. Nob Seki is CEO …

Hudson Sutler

We make travel gear. High in quality, low in flash. From weekend escapes to epic adventures, we’ve got you covered in heavy duty canvas and marine grade nickel. Grant Sutler is a former trader at Oppenheimer turned serial entrepreneur. He is very passionate about the power of brand and building an emotional connection with customers. He founded Hudson Sutler & …

Kill Kapture

Kill_Kapture makes special operations inspired uniforms for citizens. Mark Wales is Co-Founder of Kill Kapture; After serving 10 tours of duty with the Australian Special Ops, he completed an MBA at Wharton, and then went on to his toughest job yet–making it through long, boring days at McKinsey. Mark spent his twenties leading men in high stakes situations, and joins …


LevelsPro is a gamified productivity platform for hourly employees. It brings together goals based work incentives, training games and contests to one easily modified and maintained application. Stuart Silverman is the CEO of LevelsPro. He is a 3rd generation retailer. Stuart has designed, developed, implemented, marketed and sold a wide range of solutions for retailers including POS, Merchandising, Supply Chain, …