Checking in with Maddy Maxey and Loomia

Forbes recently interviewed Maddy Maxey, founder of Loomia (formerly The Crated) and member of XRC Labs Cohort 2.  Among other things, Susan Adams asked Maddy about her start in the smart textile business.  Like many brilliant folk, Maddy left college to pursue a dream; in her case, crafting custom women’s blazers.  This was soon followed by a Thiel Fellowship that enabled Maddy to explore pattern-making using 3D technology. Maddy’s intellectual curiosity then led her to her current venture: the development of wearable electronic circuitry fashioned from ink.

Want to know when Maddy got her entrepreneurial start? (Spoiler alert: in high school)  What ideas she has for the technology she’s developing?  You can read all this and more in the article, Maddy Maxey is Building a Business on the Frontier of High-Tech Fabric.  If you’d like to hear Maddy speak about code, flexible conductive materials and other building blocks of her business, you can watch this video and this one.  And, for more fun, you can hear Zac Posen and Maddy speak about their LED-light collaboration from the 2015 Fall Fashion Week here.

Zac Posen and Maddy Maxey inspect a NYFW dress illuminated with LED lights. (Source: Ad Week)

Zac Posen and Maddy Maxey inspect a Zac Posen NYFW dress illuminated with LED lights. (Source: Ad Week)    

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