Cherry Pick

Cherry is a marketing automation platform that turns consumer purchase intent on Instagram into sales for beauty brands and retailers. It’s the first-to-market tool to directly monetize social media comments. Today’s social listening tools provide brands with dashboards of aggregate consumer insights, without a means to surface information that can help make a sale. Cherry Pick bridges this gap, leveraging the latest machine learning technology to capitalize on social media leads in real-time by delivering product-specific, actionable emails and ad campaigns based on what customers are saying.

Justin Steward, Co-Founder and CEO
Justin is the co-founder and CEO of Cherry Pick AI. After pursuing a PhD in Economics, Justin moved to New York to work in data science. He has built machine learning products for the last 5 years, with a focus on natural language processing and social media data.

Melissa Munnerlyn, Co-Founder and COO
Melissa is the co-founder and COO of Cherry Pick AI. Melissa spent the last seven years founding marketing organizations for multiple fashion and beauty e-commerce startups, launching thousands of automation programs and ad campaigns.

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