Kill Kapture

XRC Labs Affiliates, Cohort 1

Kill_Kapture makes special operations inspired uniforms for citizens.

Mark Wales is Co-Founder of Kill Kapture; After serving 10 tours of duty with the Australian Special Ops, he completed an MBA at Wharton, and then went on to his toughest job yet–making it through long, boring days at McKinsey. Mark spent his twenties leading men in high stakes situations, and joins that experience with the knowledge gained working at McK to understand how critical optimization and cost control can be to business success.

Evan Robinson is Co-Founder of Kill Kapture; he studied behavioral economics at UPenn, and started a creative agency while still an undergraduate. Before he could legally drink he’d already worked with clients like Trader Joe’s, creating billboards for the billion dollar giant showing nothing but bottles of wine. His interest in marrying a background in behavioral economics with brand storytelling and visual production has led him to work everywhere from Patagonia to Paris, LA to Louisiana, and most interestingly with a slew of startups–from SF companies like Tilt to NYC based Dagne Dover.