Leslie Cohen Cohort 2 Companies (Apr 2016 to Jul 2016), Companies

Seashells is creating the first real-time cash back platform. In the U.S. today, over 50 million cash back program users wait an average of 90 to 120 days to receive their cash back. Not only do Seashells users receive their cash back instantly, but for the very first time, they are able to use their cash back offers online as well as in-store.

Harrison Hines, Co-founder & CEO, has 4 years of experience in Venture Capital (US & Europe) and was an early hire at 3 startups. At his first startup, he was the 2nd team member and he personally grew sales from $200K to $2M in just 18 months. Most recently he led due diligence and institutional sales for SeedInvest, and was responsible for performing business, financial, and legal due diligence as well as deal evaluation on 100+ companies.

TJ Signa, Co-founder & COO, previously led the team at Thunderbolt Studios, a design and development shop in LA. While there, TJ launched 8 apps/web platforms. Prior to that TJ spent several years working in Finance and Sales.