Facenote is a facial identification platform that helps companies recognize their most valuable customers. Consumers opt-into the service by providing a selfie, and Facenote takes it from there, equipping store associates with information on their purchasing behavior, style preferences and more. Unlike existing solutions that require a development team and special hardware, the Facenote platform only needs a camera at the store, and customers simply send a selfie from their mobile phones to be remembered. Facenote is bringing personalized, customer-focused service back to stores.

Eduardo Rivara, Co-Founder and CEO
Eduardo founded Facenote in Nov 2016. Before that, he was on the founding team of e-commerce site OLX, the founding team of Deremate (also e-commerce), and was CTO of fintech company, ComparaOnline. Eduardo has a strong passion for building amazing teams, artificial intelligence-driven solutions and Agile development.

Mariano Costanzo, Co-Founder and CTO
Mariano has over 15 years of IT experience, in roles including IT manager and full stack software engineer. He’s a founding member of e-commerce site OLX, that scaled to over 80 countries and 40 languages. Mariano is passionate about VR, IoT and Artificial Intelligence, and has worked on these technologies internationally in China, Chile and Argentina.

Kostya Kostyushko, Co-Founder and Chief Architect
Kostya brings over 20 years of IT experience to Facenote. He’s been in roles ranging from lead developer to CTO at companies including OLX, Instacarro and Lofty – and has worked internationally in Ukraine, Argentina and the Dominican Republic. Kostya is passionate about technology, team management, development and of course, AI.


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