FINDMINE Product Management Lead

FINDMINE is an award-winning automation technology for retailers to scale the currently manual and tedious process of product curation (e.g., creating outfits, sets of furniture & decor, compatible electronics, ingredients for recipes) on ecommerce and in stores. Our first product “Completes the Look” around every product in fashion retailers’ inventory. Customers include billion dollar brands, womenswear retailers, and high-fashion leaders like John Varvatos, for whom FINDMINE has increased conversion and AOV by up to 100%. Our team has experience not only launching apps and websites that millions of people use, but also deep in the retail industry.

Job Description

FINDMINE is seeking a Product Lead/Product Manager who will own the product roadmap, serve as the product owner for a scrum team, and be the conduit between business and tech. You’ll launch and improve technology seen by millions of shoppers and used by some of the top retailers in the world (and get some of their cool gear in the process). You’ll work with a kickass engineering team (maybe you’ve seen them speak at Pycon?), world class sales team (experience at top retail and SaaS businesses) and cool and compassionate founders who’ve got deep product and tech experience for you to leverage.


  • Own the product roadmap and take new products from concept to launch, aligning stakeholders and ensuring that we both “Build the Right Things” and “Build Things Right.” Be able to balance across multiple requirements such as revenue goals, competitive positioning, customer needs, and scaling of the technology and operations, to deliver the best possible outcomes for the company
  • Serve as Product Owner for a Scrum team, constantly prioritizing the backlog, creating a feedback loop with stakeholders, leading grooming sessions, ensuring requirements are accurately spec’ed out and that developers have everything they need to complete each story (including creating wireframes), and coordinating with entire team to ensure efficient, timely, and agile product and feature launches
  • Build a framework to monitor and assess quality of features and products we release, measure impact, and iterate based on customer usage and feedback
  • Spec out resource needs and work with CEO to build out Product team as needed
  • Work intimately with Customer Success team to ensure a virtuous feedback loop of customer input in the product development process. Collaborate with Engineering to scope out technical requirements, needs, and timelines for stories and epics. Work closely with Sales to understand strategic importance and priority of features and products that will help close the deal. Drive design conversations, create excellent wireframes to guide discussions and lead external design teams to produce quality work on an efficient schedule and budget


  • BA/BS degree in Computer Science or Engineering
  • 5+ years as a Product Owner on a Scrum team or Product Manager with responsibilities of taking technology products from concept to launch working directly with developers and designers
  • 3+ years working in an agile/Scrum environment with strong opinions about best tools and processes to effectively manage the Scrum process
  • 2+ years managing and/or hiring other PMs
  • Incredible and innate sense for what users need, an obsession with backing this intuition up with data, tenacity to defend ideas strongly and the gravitas to let go of opinions and be disproven in service of what’s best for the business
  • Highly strategic and also capable of performing deep competitive analysis, user testing, etc. Be super-resourceful and keep projects on track despite obstacles
  • Stellar communication skills, both verbal, written, and visual. You should be eloquent but concise, and equally skilled delivering an executive summary to the CEO as well as a detailed set of technical requirements to a developer
  • Proven comfort with data. You’ll need to sift through a mess of data to tease out insights
  • Consummate team player. Our team is full of incredibly interesting, hard working, whip-smart people. Everyone pulls their weight in an incredibly fast-paced startup environment, and everyone pitches in to help one another
  • Optionally, have strong experience with the following: Kibana, Google Analytics, Omniture, Optimizely, Test&Target ecommerce platforms (e.g., Demandware), email marketing software (e.g., ExactTarget), Photoshop, Illustrator, and Trello

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