Kid Things

Kid Things is a personalized commerce platform, where parents can text what they need for their children, and professional shoppers send options over SMS or email. Parents can pay on the Kid Things platform, and the products are delivered to their door. By providing much-needed personalization to parents’ shopping experiences, Kid Things provides an essential service, receiving rave reviews from our customers.  One mother said: “If Stitch Fix and Amazon Prime were to have a love child, [Kid Things] would be it.” In addition to its text platform, Kid Things leverages omni channel marketing to sell to its customer base, and gather customer preferences information. These channels include (but are not limited to) personalized email recommendations,  influencer campaigns, content marketing, Google shopping, Facebook Messenger, and dynamic Facebook advertisements. The Kid Things‘ team is made up of founders with multiple exits and work experience from Stanford University, Google, Zynga, and the US military.

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