Mirror That Look

Both women and men get inspiration on what to wear from photos they see on the web and social media, but searching for fashion items in a photo has been challenging. Mirror That Look is solving this problem by building a powerful AI- backed visual search technology for visual-oriented products such as fashion goods – clothing, handbags, shoes, etc. – and helping consumers get real-time shop-the-look results and compare prices across brands and retailers.

Ha Nguyen is the co-founder and CEO at Mirror That Look. Mirror That Look is born out of Ha’s frustration of not being able to easily find and compare similarly looking fashion items across different brands and retailers. Why can we easily compare prices of hotels, flights, electronics, and almost everything else except clothing? Before launching Mirror That Look, Ha worked as a management consultant at BNP Paribas. Ha previously attained her Bachelor degree from MIT with focus in Finance and Computer Science. When Ha is not working on Mirror That Look, you can find her out and about, making the most out of her time in New York City by trying out as many different new / weird types of food as possible.

Surat Teerapittayanon is the co-founder and CTO at Mirror That Look. Surat is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Harvard University in Computer Science with a focus in Machine Learning and Computer Vision. Previously, Surat attained his Bachelor degree from MIT in Computer Science and Math. During his time at MIT, Surat managed to obtain a patent in a novel network coding-based protocol for next generation wireless networks; win first places in optimizing a ray tracer, the MIT Advanced Robotics Competition, and the MIT Pokerbots Competition. Surat loves building things and testing out new technologies.

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