XRC company Seashells launches with immediate cash back platform

XRC company Seashells launches and gives you immediate cash back from 150 retailers — (e.g. Amazon 3%) — when you buy a gift card for yourself.

No strings attached.

I know. It sounds weird. Why would I buy a gift card for myself? Because you immediately get back:

  • Amazon — 3%
  • Sephora — 7%
  • Itunes — 6%
  • +147 more

You don’t have to use the gift card to get the cash back. Its a gift card. Use them for any purchase.

Whose gift card is it? The vendor you picked. It’s a regular gift card.

What’s the catch? None. No plugins or downloads to use it online.

Link your credit card or your bank (bigger % cash back) and buy like you normally do.

I’ve been testing Seashells using Amazon gift cards and using them for standard, everyday Amazon purchases. And saving on every purchase without any change in my purchase process.

The link here below provides an additional $5 on a $20 or greater gift card purchase.

Happy holidays and savings,

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