XRC Cohort 2 ShopShops on Fashionista.com

ShopShops was featured on Fashionista.com for revolutionizing the way fashion-savvy Chinese consumers shop!

By live streaming the customer journey, ShopShops creates an interactive experience and provides the direct link for remote shoppers to interact and shop like they are physically in the store.

“The store’s location itself has a purpose, the display has a purpose, but on e-commerce, all we see is an image of someone wearing it, or just a picture with a white background,” says Wu. “There’s no personality. ShopShops wants to provide that direct link where you can feel like you’re physically in the store and shopping and meeting the people.”

In addition to livestream videos of shoppable product, Liyia and her team give a tour of the store at the beginning and end of each livestream, as well as introduce and interview the store’s owner. “The ShopShops experience is very visual and highly personalized because Liyia’s team knows the products and their audience so well. They’ve really tapped into how consumers want to shop conveniently on their phone,” says our Founder and Managing Director, Pano Anthos.

Read the full article, here.

(Photo credits to ShopShops)

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